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Winning the Kazoo Competition

After whingeing about never winning the Empire magazine Magic Kazoo competition on my links page, I've, er, won it. It's a shame it was such an embarrassing song to recognise (see below), but there you go. Here's the relevant snippet from Empire Online's newsletter for the week beginning the 19th September 2002.

Hats off to Dave Chamberlain, one of many to guess Celine Dion's warblings from Titanic - as I recall, one of my associates once said our Celine has a voice that reminds him of warm sick… not a pleasant simile but not too far off the mark either. I digress. This week's Magic Kazoo is a veritable corker - almost rivalling my supreme efforts - and you'd be a fool to miss the hilarity of Rachel's performance. So, for a chance to win two Odeon tickets, click here.
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