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Video Games
    Europe Everything to do with the Nintendo GameCube. The news section is updated more often than any other GameCube web site, and it has the busiest forum.
GameFAQs The best place to pick up FAQs and walkthroughs for any game or games machine you care to mention.
SMB Elite A site dedicated to the game that has a ball with a monkey in it - and it's super. Post your high scores on the message board to compete for the coveted title SMB Elite.
Movies and Telly
Empire Online Movie news and reviews. But not the Kazoo competition any more - it's been cancelled. Boo.
A Watcher's Diary Dedicated to the best TV series ever - Buffy the Vampire Slayer - A Watcher's Diary is full of interesting stuff about the series including quotes, nitpicks and pop culture references.
The R2 Project All about Region 2 DVDs - rumours, announcements, release dates and disk reviews.
Digital Photography
Digital Photography
      Review If you're thinking about buying a new digital camera, or want to read about the latest developments in digital photography, follow that link to the left.
Home Cinema
Home Cinema Choice The first stop on the web for Home Cinema news and reviews. HCC has the most detailed hardware reviews I've seen, and their extensive lab tests make the reviews more objective.
Buying stuff
Nationwide Building
      Society I've been pretty impressed with Nationwide since I opened an account with them in November 2001. Almost all transactions can be done using their intuitive online banking system, which has been improved even more recently - partly because they asked real users for their input when they redesigned it. They didn't implement all my suggestions, though!
In Association with
Amazon have been around for so long now, it's difficult to imagine anyone not having a bookmark to their web site. But just in case you've never heard of them, or you didn't realise that selling books is now only a small part of their portfolio, I've put a link here.
I always thought it would be cool to have my own domain name, but until I found this site I didn't realise how cheap it could be. 123-reg provide an online control panel that allows you to set up web forwarding (re-directing to the URL where your site is actually located) and email forwarding addresses. All for the price of a crappy lunch in the office canteen.
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