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NGC Magazine Article

Letter from NGC mag. In June 2002, we (the GW team) sent an article on Super Monkey Ball to NGC magazine. The idea was to set some new challenges to anyone who had completed SMB and was looking for other interesting stuff to do with the game. After two issues of NGC had come out without a sign of our article, we pretty much gave up hope that it would ever be published - except then it was, in issue #71! The NGC staff seemed pretty impressed, as you can see from the letter they sent us.

Unfortunately, you can't just pop down to your local newsagent to pick up this particular copy of (almost) everyone's favourite Gamecube magazine anymore, but you can still read our wonderful article, using one of the following methods:

  • Order it from NGC's back-order page, or by email. Flick to page 78 and look at all the pretty pictures.
  • Alternatively, if you can't get hold of the magazine, you can read our article on the web at, NGC mag's official web site. Which is nice.

The one thing you can't do with NGC magazine #71 or the web page, is watch videos of the original replays. Well, courtesy of my mate from work Neil Humphreys, we can bring to you a world exclusive! Yes, the actual video replays we sent to NGC can now be viewed on Dave's Stuff in all their splendour! Ahem. Most of them are very short, so you might want to turn on the repeat feature on your viewer.

Goal Challenges

  1. City Limits (750K)
  2. The Wiggle (630K)
  3. Bumper Shave (850K)
  4. Bouncy (480K)
  5. Sneaky (950K)
  6. Burger Cube (910K)
  7. Reverse Bounce (630K)
  8. Banana Bounce (720K)
  9. Underwater Torpedo (580K)
  10. Sandy Insanity (990K)
  11. Speed Freak (1.3M)
  12. Flipped Out (730K)
  13. Against the Flow (520K)
  14. Ski Jump (1.1M)
  15. Madness (1.5M)
  16. Floating Wonder (510K)

Just For Fun...

  1. Guitar Knob Rodeo (1.5M)
  2. Roof Maintenance (1.0M)
  3. 'R'-Rated (1.2M)
  4. Back to the Start (2.2M)
  5. Non-Stop Action (1.3M)
  6. Roll-up (2.1M)
Guitar Knob Rodeo
Guitar Knob Rodeo
Underwater Torpedo
Underwater Torpedo
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Sunday, Apr 13 2003
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