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The beginning

I discovered Terragen in January 2002. Actually, as with all great things of this kind, it was word of mouth (specifically Phil Reynolds's) that brought me to it. And what a wonderful piece of software it is. Especially as it's free (although you need to register it for commercial use).

Basically, Terragen is a scenery generator - you create landscapes with the built-in editor and then render them into full size bitmaps. The rendering process takes a staggeringly long time (well, on my PC anyway), but the results make it all worthwhile.

Lake Mountain
Arctic Dawn

It's actually not that difficult or time-consuming to produce a landscape picture that looks pretty good, but you'll probably find you spend hours tweaking the parameters to try to improve it just that little bit more. I was quite happy with some of my efforts, until I saw John McClusky and Luc Bianco's work. Then I realised what could be done in the hands of someone who's actually talented.

By now, you might be asking why you would want to create a fake landscape when you could go out and experience the real thing. Well, my clever and witty response to this is - er, dunno. I just did it anyway, and it was fun. So there.

Anyway, here are my efforts. You can see a bigger version (800x600) of each image by clicking on it. Actually, writing this page has made me want to create some more Terragen pictures. So expect to see an update here soon... In fact, you can see that update right now by clicking on the next link below.


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Friday, Sep 05 2003
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